1. Contract

Special offers on the website are subject to availability and The R66T ACADEMY reserves the right to withdraw them at any time. A contract will exist as soon as we issue our confirmation invoice by email or post to the address provided when the booking is made. This contract is made on the terms of these terms and conditions, which are governed by English Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. 


  1. Payment & cancellation 

Payment for E-Learning modules should be made in full at the point of booking. Bookers will gain no access to e-learning modules until this payment is made. 

The R66T Academy reserves the right to cancel or block any learner from access to modules on the basis of misuse, plagiarism, malpractice or any other means deemed contrary to the purpose of the course. In such instances a refund will not be owed. 


  1. No Refund Policy 

The R66T Academy operates a No Refund Policy for all of its E-Learning courses. 

A Cooling Off Period of seven working days does apply to all purchases. Completing any steps within Learner Registration, or any e-learning modules will invalidate any refund request made within the Cooling Off Period. 

Any queries on this policy should be emailed to enquiries@r66t.co.uk 


  1. Qualifi rules & regulations 

As a Qualifi regulated organisation, Learners also fall under Policies, Procedures, Terms & Conditions of Qualifi Ltd, which can be found here: https://qualifi.net/policies-and-procedures/ 


  1. Learner responsibilities 

It is the Learner’s responsibility to ensure they meet the requirements of the course, both administrative and educational. This includes, but is not limited to, providing valid ID, name, address and contact details at the point of registration. 

The R66T Academy reserves the right to apply amendment fees for any changes to this information. 


  1. Complaints 

All complaints should be sent to The R66T Academy Customer Service team, outlining the complaint and expected action within 28 days of 

The R66T Academy will endeavour to reply to this within 3 working days, and reserves the right to close your complaint case should it be deemed necessary. 

All escalations on this should be clearly labelled in the Email Subject line, and will be forwarded onto the relevant official with The R66T Academy.   


  1. Personal Data & Privacy Policy 

You recognise and consent that your personal data (including sensitive personal data) has been provided to us for the purposes of delivering your E-Learning experience and all purposes related to this.  

For all these purposes, you authorise us to retain and use such data and to transmit to and/or to share it with our own offices; our principals or agents; our other companies and/or brands; anyone to whom we transfer our rights and duties; third party companies offering related services; governments and government agencies; credit card and other payment card companies and providers of such related services, or other third parties that we deem necessary. We may also retain your personal data for direct marketing, but we will obtain your authority to do this first. 

Learners also recognise that in purchasing E-Learning modules they are consenting to the above Terms & Conditions, and all other The R66T Academy policies including Privacy Policy.